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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Post #10- An example for TRIANGLE FORMULA.(application/practical level)

Let us look at this example.A girl miserably failed in exams and trying to pass the next term exam.
The 3 corner reasons as per THE TRIANGLE FORMULA are
1)Condition of the physical things related to the case.
Girl's body and health conditions.

2)Condition of the non-physical things related to the case.
Non-physical things related mainly to the case is girl's mental condition.She should be able to contain the spirit of examination with right sense of mind.She should be able to move forward according to the time table.she should study according to the study plan.Quality of the study material is very important.

3)Energy flow related to the case.
Energy flow is common factor both to physical and non-physical things of the case.Energy flow of the physical things can be corrected by making the physical things caliberated according to the energy flow of the earth.Energy flow related to human body can be bettered by keeping body clean and keeping the body caliberated to the earth's energy flow 24*7.Prayers help to keep the mind filled with pure positive energy.Spend some time in open nature to get rejuvenated ie getting energy from nature.Meditation is a way of starightening energy flow of our body

we always work on first 2 condition always,these 2 factors are obvious factors and 3 factor is still not compulsory to followWe can attain some result without 3rd factor..but if we follow,better results can be achieved and also postive energy can be filled in our life and surroundings.Positive energy flow also help in bringing consistency.