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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

POST # 24 Time and Force

Does time have relation with Force ?

Is it right to say Time is the rhythm of Force ?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

POST #23 Movement, Space and Time

if everything is about movement and as movement takes space, time has to move forward along with space forwarded.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Post #22 -- A different angle of 3 reasons and the need of expansion of it.

As we discussed earlier, the 3 reasons to be dealt to find a solution exists in various levels of existence. Here we are taking the whole universe into a single system and splitting into 3 constituents that itself are on which we always deal with solving problems.

The 3 reasons on this aspect are --

1) Matter
2) Information
3) Energy

Matter is already there naturally or created artificially by humans which are always part of our dealings and thus also in our problem solving. Everything solid, be it machine, soil, tree, bricks, metal, vehicles, computer, humans, pen, liquid, gas, plasma or any other matter.

Information is also in nature. Plan, idea, knowledge, technique, the way everything exists, science, know how etc which are part of everything in this universe and its constituents. Information here is created by humans also on his own to deal with his life and its aspects and there by also in problem solving. 

Energy is the thing which makes everything go forward or everything is enabled with energy to perform its function. Energy binds everything. Here also energy which is there is nature and also energy created by humans are needed to make our life and its aspects work. And there by our problems also deals with both types of energy. Solar energy, physical energy, kinetic energy, electrical energy, wind energy, muscular energy, cosmic energy or any energy that can be useful for humans, his surroundings or this universe which helps life and problem solving in general.

Here we see our 3 reasons mechanism expanding to a 6 reasons mechanism as each reasons have a natural and artificial aspect, 3 * 2 = 6. We want to move to a 6 sided hexagon if we zoom the triangle concept or to make it to a field of detailed study. To simplyfy, its a triangular concept. If we maginify its a hexagonal concept.

To be continued

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Post #21 - When everything is about movement...!

If everything is about  "Movement ", Can we say - Everything is a movement of something from a position in regards to the force existing to a capable position in regards to the energy acted. ?

This is applicable to Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics.

Movement can be of different nature.
 Movements like of planets which started from its origin and still continuing, movements of electrons in an atom, a movement started five minutes ago and finished just now, a movement just started and which may end in near future etc. Based on the existing force and energy acted, the time period of movement varies.
Sometimes the force existing act as the energy acted also like in the movement of planets.

To be continued...

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Post #20 -- 3 reasons on a system level

Our problems lie on all levels of existence and it has connections with every type of systems. So here we are trying to look at the 3 reasons on a system level.

1) Nature and natural things - system and sub systems which should be dealt with which has influence on the problem. Here energy which is originated from nature also taken into consideration. In short all things which is out there naturally, including animals. Humans are not considered as they have reasoning capacity to adjust himself or have a conscious level to know the objectives of the problem.

2) Humans - a reason which should be dealt as a system with while solving the problem. Here human physical condition, mind and soul level adjustments are also considered.Humans have reasoning capacity to adjust himself according to the problem or adjust under instructions or have a conscious level to know the objectives of the problem. Humans are considered here seperately even he is part of the nature as he is the problem solver or a system that act as the soul of the problem.

3) Artificial things. - systems on an artificial level which should be dealt with which is related to the problem. Here ideas and plans are also considered in the sense its artificially created by humans. Money and funds needed are coming under this. Anything that is here on earth that is born out of human intervention is considered here to solve the problem.

This approach seems little more error free compared to other approaches considered earlier.

To be continued

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Post #19 --3 Reasons from a different aspect.

Hi friends, my effort is to make this effort errorless. So here i am trying to modify the formula with this. Here are the reasons to work on to get the solution.

1) Solid things
2) Non-solid things
3) Energy sources and its relation with the problem environment and objects related to the problem.

To be continued.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Post #18 -- Role of Movement in our life

Today i have some crazy ideas going in my head. After continuous observation i have felt human lives, his practical and theoritical life or practical living, ideas, formulas, actions etc are all about movement of something. If its physical, it is the movement of physical things, if its about a theorom or formula also, its about movement from one point of it to another point, even if its writing a letter, its a movement from its starting point to end point, even if its our look at a thing, its a result of movement our eye balls, the movement of signals from eyes to brain, relatinal movement of view and eyes etc. Every thing in this universe is about movement. So i feel ultimately we can unify all sciences from a basic theory based on movement. May be the science is seeing it as energy and energy is also comprised of movement inside it.  Energy works when only its moved. So my observation says movement can define an all defining theory. Along with the basis of 3 and triangle we can make an all inclusive theory seeing it using movement, hopefully. Movement is one thing that can relate to both physical and non-physical world, sub-atomic and the matter levels. Movement is an aspect which unifies the whole world on any levels of manifestation. A thing or aspect we know is always connected with movement, either in its atomic level (which is not seen to naked eye) or on its matter level (movement seen outside which is seen to naked eye )  or with both movement.

To be continued.