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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Post #22 -- A different angle of 3 reasons and the need of expansion of it.

As we discussed earlier, the 3 reasons to be dealt to find a solution exists in various levels of existence. Here we are taking the whole universe into a single system and splitting into 3 constituents that itself are on which we always deal with solving problems.

The 3 reasons on this aspect are --

1) Matter
2) Information
3) Energy

Matter is already there naturally or created artificially by humans which are always part of our dealings and thus also in our problem solving. Everything solid, be it machine, soil, tree, bricks, metal, vehicles, computer, humans, pen, liquid, gas, plasma or any other matter.

Information is also in nature. Plan, idea, knowledge, technique, the way everything exists, science, know how etc which are part of everything in this universe and its constituents. Information here is created by humans also on his own to deal with his life and its aspects and there by also in problem solving. 

Energy is the thing which makes everything go forward or everything is enabled with energy to perform its function. Energy binds everything. Here also energy which is there is nature and also energy created by humans are needed to make our life and its aspects work. And there by our problems also deals with both types of energy. Solar energy, physical energy, kinetic energy, electrical energy, wind energy, muscular energy, cosmic energy or any energy that can be useful for humans, his surroundings or this universe which helps life and problem solving in general.

Here we see our 3 reasons mechanism expanding to a 6 reasons mechanism as each reasons have a natural and artificial aspect, 3 * 2 = 6. We want to move to a 6 sided hexagon if we zoom the triangle concept or to make it to a field of detailed study. To simplyfy, its a triangular concept. If we maginify its a hexagonal concept.

To be continued

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