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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Post #43 How are or what are REALITIES made of ? Or What are the accessories on the FABRIC OF THE UNIVERSE.

SPACE-TIME-TEMPERATURE-SOUND-FORCE-MOTION-ENERGY (MASS) -COLOR- PHOTON-MOISTURE  are seen at any point in Universe except in absolute vacuum. Except in absolute vacuum,these 9
 attributes exists anywhere in universe. I feel this makes the accessories on the fabric of the universe. These attributes are working in an order to produce our reality or realms according to the INFORMATION flow together to form the reality we live in or the whole universe exists as it is because of the above said constituents working together. Information here means the reason for the flow of events in the realm, whether its in Quantum Physics which deals sub-atomic particle or in classical physics which deals with things on a macro level is due to the flow of information that puts events in order or it is the reason why things happens as it is. INFORMATION flow means the logic behind any event to happen in the supposed manner and not in any other way or manner.For example ,the electrons revolve around the nucleus of an atom is due to the information the atom has it that it should happen it in that way or any EVENT. In classical physics or Quantum mechanisms, an event happen that way because INFORMATION flow algorithm exists in the core device of that thing to happen it in that way which produces a order.Sometimes this INFORMATION flow produces creation and sometimes destruction. This INFORMATION flow makes the things combine and split to make things work or events happen in order as it is.  The reason must be FORCE to make that order. These attributes are present at the sub-atomic,atomic,elementary,molecular,substance,object etc to even the biggest dimensions known to mankind.

To be continued...

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