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Monday, January 29, 2018

Post #64 Connection between EVENTS in PHYSICS and TEMPERATURE, along with its role in the formation of REALM and outcome of RESULTS of EVENTS.

Temperature is the thing which decides whether an event in PHYSICS terms, both in CLASSICAL PHYSICS and QUANTUM MECHANICS to have mindful or mindless impact. If we look at our own earth, it has seasons and it's primary factor associated with it is TEMPERATURE. This temperature factor has effect on every DEVICE on earth and it sets a particular energy level and frequency(chemical and physical properties related frequencies) levels. This energy and frequency levels has corresponding levels of results also or it clearly has an ability to give a corresponding level or range of result which is fixed according to constant energy value of the related DEVICE. So, these seasons on earth are repeated every year and thus we can see that almost all things on earth and its DEVICES repeat patterns on its sub-atomic, atomic and molecular levels. Unless a new element/elements or an element or group of elements enter, undergoes structure change or gets eliminated from the whole system of this, this pattern continues this repeating pattern forever or the unexpected changes in the expected pattern is the result of change in this set frequency or energy level. It's smooth and automatic running is the result of this set system which run according to the constant values of the energy and frequency of devices existing as of now.
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