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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Post #76 Vibrations and its role in Creative processes or Events in Physics

Vibrations is the basic factor existing in the running of the Universe as energy vibrates with frequencies giving out Vibrations in relation with associated energies and frequencies.
All types of vibrations exists in Creative processes or Events in PHYSICS or in any device even if it's non-traceable with naked eyes. Sound vibrations and vibrations of photon are the basic vibrations found in nature and in its events, both in Quantum levels or Classical physics level.  Even if we say sound vibration, it's underlying principle is vibration of light or photon. At desirable temperatures related with mass of a device or collection of devices, bigger forms of devices began to form like molecules, compounds, minerals, enzymes, solids, liquids, stable gaseous states etc. When events in PHYSICS, both Quantum and classical, temperature begins to change or basically the energy flow associated with the system or combination of micro and micro devices causes temperature to decrease or increase. Thus vibrations also differs according to the mass of the device and temperature associated with the system. Thus devices start to communicate due to change in temperature which is basically a process involving vibration of photon in every aspect of that whole process as every device is associated with proton for its existence. This can be seen in Quantum Physics level and Classical Physics level. Thus sound vibrations also exist in every step in this process as devices are with masses. Thus energy vibration of things with masses will produce sound vibrations even if it's not traceable with senses.This is capable of bringing out changes in the mechanical aspects of Devices and the expected changes due to it in the result of the event. Thus it is even possible to predict the outcome of results as we know the value of masses, energy associated with them and the temperature involved in the system. Thus it is even possible for humans with cognitive capacity to predict and expect results of events which in turn helps them in manipulation of events in their life and in the Whole Universe as cognitive capacity of humans have made them to calculate the constants related with the devices (micro and macro) like mass, energy, temperature, frequency and every other related units.
Thus I was able to solve problems in my UP School days. People used to come to me with problems in their daily lives at that time after I have claimed I can give solutions to any problems they have. Then my friends started testing me with simple problems. I was able to give them satisfactory answers after calculating the frequencies associated with those problems and events. Then it became a buzz that a school boy began giving solutions to any problems. Thus I was able to give impressive solutions to big problems which are given to me by many people. In the mean team I was also able to find that the Physics lessons I was taking during those school days is unifiable if all the things that I have learned by that time are put together. Then I worked more on that and the things in this blog are the result of those observations and calculations done during those days. Then I felt like I have done the greatest discovery ever. It was a great moment to realize it after lot of observations and testing it my own. Then I realized that discovery could change the way world is moving forward. Because I realize it could redefine the whole creative process of humans. Thus I became more overwhelming after realizing its potential. So I felt I should do something about it. As I felt it's a huge idea and sharing it carelessly could cause the idea to be in name of some one else, I secretly contacted many organizations around the world by giving the main point of the idea. I said to them that the experts in their respective areas could understand it from the brief of the basic idea I have given them. I felt then they will make use of it as they are with powers and responsibility to take it forward the best way possible. Then after some 18 years, I am now trying to popularize the same idea to the public through this blog as it is very useful for a successful and progressive life.


Post #75 Role of photon in every device and creative process

Photon is everywhere and in every device which follows natural laws of Physics. Some logical views is enough to understand the role of light or photon in every device.

Everything has color and everything reflects light even at least fraction of a point, even if it's the darkest thing in the Universe. Only complete Vacuum doesn't have light or photon, which is also a practical solution.
Everything has color which is made up of sub-atomic particles which has traces of photon or light associated with it even if it's not traceable by naked eye.
Wherever there is a flow of electron, there is charge associated with it. All creative processes or events in PHYSICS thus have light or Photons associated with it due to that electron flow in its devices even if it's not traceable with naked eyes. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Imagine each thing in this world as DEVICE and analyze each result of the EVENT. Can we reproduce it even if it is a naturally occurring incident or event or even if it is an artificial process or event ?


Post #73 ENERGY-FORCE-MASS evolution and escalation as TIME decided what is what as its all the same, but intercepted and perception differently.

First of all it was this particle. It was definitely ENERGY. Because we know everything is energy. That brings us to the obvious question  - - how was that first particle came into existence or in other words which form of energy was that particle created to come into existence ? That brings us to the logical conclusion that, that form of ENERGY is the simplest form of energy to exist or to form. That is why that form of ENERGY was created out of the simplest of the causes of CREATION. That logical thought brings us into a logical question ? What is the simplest cause for CREATION ?  Then as the TIME move forward that ENERGY became FORCE.  Then further movement of THAT ENERGY or energy in action a.k.a FORCE became MASS. Because as we already know MASS is ENERGY in MOTION.
So, if we generalize the CREATION PROCESS, we could see that It is ENERGY gaining MOMENTUM. In BIOLOGICAL terms we learn it as EVOLUTION. That can give us a curious doubt of whether LIGHT particles are the fastest ? Because we are EVOLVING. But still, the world is in a harmonized stage or in a stabilized state. That brings us to a logical state that TEMPERATURE is not increasing which could affect this harmony. It also denotes that new form of ENERGY or a COMPLETELY new ELEMENT is not created that could affect this harmony or the current stable character of our Universe.

TO BE continued... 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Post #72 How each device in PHYSICS term works ?

As we know, Properties of MATTER are broadly divided into two, PHYSICAL and CHEMICAL. These two main divisions as sub-divisions namely MECHANICAL and NON-MECHANICAL. These divisions and sub-divisions work in synchronizing manner if the energy related to an event, both in quantum mechanics and classical physics to give creations either natural or artificial devices or destructions which are either natural or unnatural. The synchronizing way of work greatly depends on the perfect mixture of - SPACE-TIME-TEMPERATURE or FORCE-ENERGY-MASS trio-unity.


Saturday, February 3, 2018

Post #71 Properties of ENERGY, FREQUENCY and VIBRATION.

Properties of ENERGY - -

Properties of FREQUENCY  - -

Properties of VIBRATION  - - 

Post #70 ENERGY, FREQUENCY and VIBRATION in its 3 levels in the known UNIVERSE.

ENERGY  - - LOW LEVEL ENERGY and its known forms in the UNIVERSE.
                     MID LEVEL ENERGY and its known forms in the UNIVERSE.
                     HIGH LEVEL ENERGY and its known forms in the UNIVERSE.

FREQUENCY  - - LOW LEVEL FREQUENCY and its known forms in the UNIVERSE.
                             MID LEVEL FREQUENCY and its known forms in the UNIVERSE.
                             HIGH LEVEL FREQUENCY and its known forms in the UNIVERSE.

VIBRATION  - -  LOW LEVEL FREQUENCY and its known forms in the UNIVERSE.
                            MID LEVEL FREQUENCY and its known forms in the UNIVERSE.
                            HIGH LEVEL FREQUENCY and its known forms in the UNIVERSE.

Post #69 Role of VIBRATION in the running of the Universe

We know EVERYTHING IS ENERGY and it exist in various levels of FREQUENCIES across the Universe in the form of various elements formed as ENERGY transformed when TEMPERATURE shaped as EVENTS moved forward from the start to now, along with its sub-forms like sub-atomic particles and rays. Now it comes down to VIBRATIONS and its role in EVENTS and REALMS/REALITIES in PHYSICS. 

Post #68 THE PROCESS OF creation and destruction or REACTION.

As we know there is constant values to each device in this Universe on all levels of creation, there is a general equation which denotes a reaction which either results in creation or destruction.

To Be Followed... 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Post #66 General Theory of Relativity and Special Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein can be combined into a single theory using THE THEORY OF FORCE suggested by me in this website.

Both those Relativity Theories are basically about FORCE. By THE THEORY OF FORCE I suggested in this website, I can combine both those Theories into one Theory. I will do it later today.

Let us first look at the THEORY OF RELATIVITY by Albert Einstein.

Theory Of Relativity is a Theory in PHYSICS formulated essentially by Albert Einstein, that all motion must be defined relativeto a frame of reference and that space and time are relative, rather than absolute concepts: it consists of two principal parts. The theory dealing with uniform motion(special theory of relativity orspecial relativity) is based on the two postulates that physical laws have the same mathematical form when expressed in any inertial system, and the velocity of light is independent of the motion of its source and will have the same value when measured by observers moving with constant velocity with respect to each other. Derivable from these postulates are the conclusions that there can be no motion at a speed greater than that of light in a vacuum, mass increases as velocity increases, mass and energy are equivalent, and time is dependent on the relative motion of an observer measuring the time. The theory dealing with gravity (general theory of relativity or general relativity) is based on the postulate that the local effects of a gravitational field and of acceleration of an inertial system are identical.