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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Post #73 ENERGY-FORCE-MASS evolution and escalation as TIME decided what is what as its all the same, but intercepted and perception differently.

First of all it was this particle. It was definitely ENERGY. Because we know everything is energy. That brings us to the obvious question  - - how was that first particle came into existence or in other words which form of energy was that particle created to come into existence ? That brings us to the logical conclusion that, that form of ENERGY is the simplest form of energy to exist or to form. That is why that form of ENERGY was created out of the simplest of the causes of CREATION. That logical thought brings us into a logical question ? What is the simplest cause for CREATION ?  Then as the TIME move forward that ENERGY became FORCE.  Then further movement of THAT ENERGY or energy in action a.k.a FORCE became MASS. Because as we already know MASS is ENERGY in MOTION.
So, if we generalize the CREATION PROCESS, we could see that It is ENERGY gaining MOMENTUM. In BIOLOGICAL terms we learn it as EVOLUTION. That can give us a curious doubt of whether LIGHT particles are the fastest ? Because we are EVOLVING. But still, the world is in a harmonized stage or in a stabilized state. That brings us to a logical state that TEMPERATURE is not increasing which could affect this harmony. It also denotes that new form of ENERGY or a COMPLETELY new ELEMENT is not created that could affect this harmony or the current stable character of our Universe.

TO BE continued... 

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