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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Post #91 Gravity in two types of SPACETIME fabric.

As gravity is curvature of SPACETIME according to Theory of Relativity, are the gravity of two bodies with same mass same, if one body of mass is in a 60 % Vacuum and other in a 30 % Vacuum ?

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Post #90 Gravity according to Theory of Relativity

According to Theory of Relativity, Are the gravity of two planet same, both with 5000 kilometer diameter, but one with a hollow core of 1000 kilometre ?

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Post #89 Delays in getting real time views from a distant source.

If our eyes have ultra power vision to see across several light years distance, will the light from several light years distance still need to reach us to get vision from such far distances without delay from real time occurings? Is it about our defective vision that stars several million kilo metres away could be seen from its past/we get delayed vision or is it about light travelling from that distance should reach us to give us delayed vision from the source of the view of stars ?

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Post #88 Infrared picture of an object many light years away.

Imagine if the whole Universe is totally dark and, if there is a giant thermal camera big enough and that thermal camera giving the picture of an object many light years away. How is that thermal picture of that object different from normal picture of an object in light conditions many light years away ? Is it the same result we get if we study both the pictures to calculate the age of the Universe ?

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Post #87 The idea of F-E-M and its various forms.

Take the number 65 for example. Can you see 3 parts in that number ?
65.01 to 65.33
65.34 to 65.66
65.67 to 65.99
Like wise anything in this world can be divided into 3 parts. We can divide anything into more than 3 parts. But they only come under the sub-division or related with 3.
The base — with little movement or the things which are defined by the quantities of SPACE or ENERGY.
The motion — with more movement or more energy which gives a meaningful direction or the things or activities defined by quantities of TIME or FORCE
The tranformed form or the height of the energy form — with much more energy and movement to form a balance to make relation to our peace wishing senses or the things or activities which can be defined by TEMPERATURE or MASS.
We know that MASS is a result of ENERGY-FORCE balance or acting together. If we add ENERGY and FORCE in the above said example, we will get MASS or 0.33 + 0.66 = 0.99
In this, we could see ENERGY as SOUL or LIGHT, which makes fundamental of all things. This level is in a sub-sense form.This is the EXISTENTAL level. Because it is the base and there is proof for that. As more ENERGY accumulates over TIME, it becomes FORCE or MIND or MOTION/MOVEMENT and becomes sense level thing and can relate with external universe. So the MIND-SURRROUNDING connection comes or RELATIVITY exists. Then further addition of ENERGY combined with FORCE or SOUL combined with MIND becomes BODY or MASS or highest form of stable form of MATTER. Thus SPACE-TIME-TEMPERATURE trio continuum holding ENERGY-FORCE-MASS trinity becomes able to different forms of MATTER called ATOM, ELEMENT, MOLECULE, SYSTEM and so on over TIME under specific ratios which could be understandable and MANIPULATIVE by nature and animals/humans, when we look at it with a MATHEMATICAL, BIOLOGICAL and CHEMICAL view.
So the 3 levels of creation can be identfied as EXISTENTIAL, RELATIVE and MANIULATIVE.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Post #86 One of the mystery in Physics - Number 137

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Post#85 About the contents of this blog

If you could go through this entire blog and think for a while, you will understand that it is the ultimate knowledge. This knowledge has been around since creation. All the generations were familiar with this knowledge. With God's grace, I just connected it with Physics and gave it a modern scientific relation.