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Sunday, September 8, 2019


They say TIME is an illusion. To me, TIME is the ultimate connection between a conscious mind & it's surroundings, reality and the Universe. Without TIME, it's impossible to bridge a MIND and external world. TIME bridges the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL worlds.
When a mind look at energy, mass, matter or anything, it need a TIME factor associated with those things to comprehend any meaning out of it. To me, it is because TIME is a property of ENERGY. And we know MASS, MATTER, ANYTHING or the UNIVERSE is made up of ENERGY. TIME is essential to MIND and REALITY to make connection and meaning out of anything.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Post #110 Everything is relative and Nothing exist outside trinity.

Everything is relative. Because it is a Universe of interconnections. And Nothing exist outside trinity. Because everything is measurable.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Post #109 My idea of GRAVITY.

My idea of GRAVITY briefed here on my 3 blogs is extension of ISSAC NEWTON's GRAVITY.
GRAVITY is the pull or push happening outwards or inwards due to high vibrations happening inside a thing at sub-atomic level. The high vibrations are intense in volume for a small area of SPACE it occurs and it gives a pull or push outwards or inwards as the case may be. This point of balance is also the point where MASS, TEMPERATURE and GRAVITY arises.


First there is ENERGY. Then FORCE with a direction. Then ENERGY and FORCE together creates a high vibrational field. The resultant is called MASS.That is what we see with naked eyes.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Post #107 GRAVITY and MASS

In my opinion, at some point in SPACE-TIME-TEMPERATURE,  vibrations inside particles become balanced to get concentrated to a point resulting in GRAVITY and the thus it gets SHAPE and MASS also.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Post #106 Forces and its interaction with Mass and Energy

I would say with conviction that Theory of Relativity and the phenomenons it explains are simply about the 4 fundamental FORCEs and its effect on ENERGY and MASS. But Albert Einstein completely ignored strong force and weak force( newly discovered forces at that time ) and Theory of Relativity was built without taking the effects of these 2 FORCEs. This clearly has effects on Relativity as it made things very complex, while those phenomenons could have been easily explained by 4 FORCEs and its effect on ENERGY and MASS. For example : the phenomenon of length contraction is due to the effect of 4 FORCEs on ENERGY and MASS on the respective flying object, its body and components and the surroundings in which its flying or the planet or the space. If the flying object is made of metal, it's body will contract according its properties, which are determined by the 3 fundamental forces and the gravitational force of the respective atmosphere. Here speed of the vehicle is determined by ENERGY and MASS along with FORCE also. If the flying object is made of wood, length contraction differs as flying body has different composition of materials which are determined by the 3 fundamental forces and the gravity of the atmosphere.Speed of the vehicle also determined by FORCE, ENERGY, MASS of fuel and the push and pull created inside engine, atmosphere etc. If the flying object is made of diamond, length contraction differs according to the diamond's composition which is being determined by the 3 forces again and the gravity of the atmosphere. Speed of the vehicle also determined by FORCE, ENERGY, MASS of fuel and the push and pull created inside engine, atmosphere etc. It has very little to do with RELATIVITY.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Post #105 Excited Photons breaking speed limit.

Recently I heard scientists were able to slow down the speed of light or photon drastically. So, it must be also possible to amplify the speed of light or Photon to travel faster than 3 lakh km/sec. I think this proces is what happened at the time of big bang where things travelled faster than light.