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Friday, March 6, 2020

Post #120 TIME in my view point or additional points to the concept of TIME from my observation.

4) Eventhough our brain&vision system see it as a still present of one moment, in reality it is many micro moments of TIME in the form of fast moving ENERGY field which brain&vision system fails to capture or understand with its normal capabilities. or 3/3

3)In Reality, the stillness you are experiencing is a high speed energy field moving at high speed to make your low capacity brain and vision system as a condensed MASS. 2/2 ...continuation to this post exists 3/3 on next post.

I am gonna tell you something that no one has ever told you about TIME and it will change the way you look at TIME. Four points to consider. 1) ENERGY can exist in one form only at a moment. 2) Brain and vision system has only capacity to perceive it as a still present. 2/2