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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pst #17 -- A bit more scientific aspect to what we have in hands so far

As we know, everything is energy. It is the fundamental aspect of everything in the universe. Success formula talked here until now was based on a action plan. So it was more of a practical based formula   Rather than scientific. So let's try to add more science to it. Let's try to see it only on energy level.

The 3 reasons on which an action can be worked to get result is based on practical aspects and things connected to it. We can be more scientific about it by talking only about energy.

So success can be attained by acting on various type of energy, namely physical energy, non-physical energy and cosmic energy.

1) the 3 reasons to be worked on to get a result on our actions are

1) physical energy

2) non-physical energy and

3) cosmic energy.

To be continued.....

Friday, July 31, 2015

Post #16 --Nikola Tesla's take on 3, 6 and 9.

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe. – NikolaTesla

Many points are out about this Nikola Statement.if his words are taken into consideration, be it 3,6 or 9, these numbers are based on 3. From the start of time, 3 has an important role in man's life. Some mathematician's say it's because our number system is based on 10. So 3 often comes in our lives. But besides this reason, 3 is the number which denotes completeness or it sums up the spectrum of anything, quantitatively or qualitatively. For example, if we take a scale of attributes about a thing, it can be either good,bad or average.....long,short or medium....dark, light or medium....hard, soft or moderate...big, small or average......  Etc.  so our level of completeness is based on the scale of 3.

Besides if we look at triangle, it is the basic shape with direct connection between an angle and it's another remaining two angles through its two sides. It shows its angles and sides are connected each other to give a great stability and inter-dependent connection. Other shapes as go bigger with more sides and angles offer less stability with less direct connections between its angles and sides.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Post #15-Backdrop of my attempt to formulize Success

The inspiration behind my attempt to formulize success came from the fascination or the interest i got for triangular shape when i was in my lower primary class. I got stuck with with the shape that i drew lot of triangle related pictures on the backside of my workbooks. Also i began to connect everything i see, hear or come across with triangle shape. After continuous link ups with triangular shape,i felt that everything has a connection with triangular shape. How?  For eg:- if we look at the example of eye vision, we need eyes, brain and the object in of our eyes to get the image in our eyes. A triangular connection between these things determine our eye vision or the result of the image is the linking up of these 3 points.Then i felt our hearing ability is also result of working of 3 factors. They are the source of sound, our ear and our brain. Then i checked it with body sensation, i realised body sensation is also result of 3 factors, the object which causes sensation, the body part where sensation is felt and the brain which realises the sensation. Then i felt there is something about triangular shape and the working of this world we see and live. It was a Eureka moment for me. Then i felt, if everything connects with triangular shape, then it can be generalised into a formula. This is the backdrop of my humble attempt to reach at this effort.
If we look at the things in our life and surroundings, things can be classified into physical things and non-physical things. Then there are things or processes that doesnt come under any proper definitions, like our prayers, worship, well being or positive feeling that comes with cleanliness, that pumped upfresh or rejuvenated feeling that we get from meditation, from contact with nature etc are all dealing with bad energy and bringing positive energy into our life.This positive energy is able to bringing up the activity level of our body in everything we do. So it certainly has impact on our lives and the things we do. So here the effort is to connect these basic factors into a definite structure to find the basic formula for success because these 3 factors represent the whole world as we know it. As we know triangle is all connected in its 3 angles through its inter-connected sides. It indicates that the factors that are represented by its angles are all inter-linked and co-exist in an environment where it need to be worked on to get the result.