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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Post #6- The 3 Reasons

As we try to solve a problem by drawing a triangle around the dot which denotes our problem,we come to find three corner reasons.If we are able to find these 3 reasons,we could work on it and solve the problem.Just by observing we can find that physical things or materials are involved in any case,secondly we can see there is non-physical things in every case and finally energy flow because everything in the universe has a place of its own and is made up of they have connection with outer world through energy flow.
so the 3 reasons to be worked on to get solution are--
1) The physical things objects or surroundings related to the case.
- what ever be the physical matters or surroundings related to the problem,it must be usable accordingly to work and solve the problem
2) The non-physical things related to the case,especially mental condition of the person who try to solve the problem or people involved in the case..Also a plan involved in the case,a process can be there,a strategy can be there.Ideas related to the case also.
- the problem solver must be in a good state of mind to analyze and work on it.
3) The energy flow related to the case.
- Positive energy flow is needed to get the optimum results.If we look closely everything in this Universe is made up of energy.Energy is the building block of everything in this Universe.Energy exists in different forms in this Universe.

Now these 3 reasons represent the corners of the triangle.As we draw the diagonals from the corners to the dot at the centre,we can literally say that we found the reasons of our problem.As we work on these 3 reasons,we could be able to find the solution.