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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Post #3- SUCCESS FORMULA-An Overlook

 The power of triangle.TRIANGLE is the best and the easiest shape to find solutions.Triangle is a simple geometric shape(closed) with least number of corners.There itself exists the power of triangular shape.If we want something to be covered using a geometric shape with a structured shape with least number of corners or the most simplified form,it is triangle.Circle is we normally use on a normal plane when we have to draw a shape that covers a specific point or something.But circle simply doesnot offer straight away solution that a triangle can offer in terms.

 One can apply on any level to find solution for a problem,from social science to rocket science. The energy flow related to the formula is purely positive.
. If you look at the problem solving theories already exists it clearly states that question must be structured..Logically the formula uses triangle to structurize the question easily points out to the basic reasons related to the problem directly....As the basic reasons can be found directly it allows you to work on the solution straight away.if we look at these reasons,we can find that the reasons can be linked to our every action,arguably...The formula uses geometry,logic,existing theories and concepts that already exists to mould itself into a theory that the  totality of all sensory experience can be 'comprehended' on the basis of a conceptual system built on premises of great simplicity.

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