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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Post #10- An example for TRIANGLE FORMULA.(application/practical level)

Let us look at this example.A girl miserably failed in exams and trying to pass the next term exam.
The 3 corner reasons as per THE TRIANGLE FORMULA are
1)Condition of the physical things related to the case.
Girl's body and health conditions.

2)Condition of the non-physical things related to the case.
Non-physical things related mainly to the case is girl's mental condition.She should be able to contain the spirit of examination with right sense of mind.She should be able to move forward according to the time table.she should study according to the study plan.Quality of the study material is very important.

3)Energy flow related to the case.
Energy flow is common factor both to physical and non-physical things of the case.Energy flow of the physical things can be corrected by making the physical things caliberated according to the energy flow of the earth.Energy flow related to human body can be bettered by keeping body clean and keeping the body caliberated to the earth's energy flow 24*7.Prayers help to keep the mind filled with pure positive energy.Spend some time in open nature to get rejuvenated ie getting energy from nature.Meditation is a way of starightening energy flow of our body

we always work on first 2 condition always,these 2 factors are obvious factors and 3 factor is still not compulsory to followWe can attain some result without 3rd factor..but if we follow,better results can be achieved and also postive energy can be filled in our life and surroundings.Positive energy flow also help in bringing consistency.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Post #9- Significance & meaning of numbers.

0  -void space,peace
1  -unique,on the top
2  -two sides,two meanings for a word,intelligent
3  -perfect solution,equilubrium
4  -love,pure
5  -perfect tool,mechanism
6  -next step,moving forward
7  -creation and existence
8  -wealth,prosperity
9  -navras;contents of life

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Post #8- Relation between 786,the sacred number and the sacred symbol "ohm".

There have been various speculations about the mystical or religious significance of 786 in Islam for centuries. There is a famous poem praising Allah, titled Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim, which has exactly 786 letters. Some have argued that 786 is the number of days in which Allah created the world or the number of days in which Muhammad conquered the pagans of Mecca.Muslims in the Indian subcontinent use 786 as an abbreviation for the phrase 'bism illāh ir-raḥmān ir-raḥīm', which means 'in the name of Allah, the  compassionate, the merciful'.It is said that if Bismillah al-Rahmaan al-Raheem is written  in Arabic/Urdu ,the sum of these letters adds upto 786,therefore people use 786 as a substitutet to name of Allah
All Arabic copies of the Koran have the mysterious figure 786 imprinted on them . No Arabic scholar has been able to determine the choice of this particular number as divine. It is an established fact that Muhammad was illiterate therefore it is obvious that he would not be able to differentiate numbers from letters.To be frank i  dont know about the literate ability of Muhammed.But scholars agree with this.

This "magical" number is none other than the Vedic holy letter "Ohm" written in Sanskrit. Anyone who knows Sanskrit can try reading the symbol for "ohm" backwards in the Arabic way and magically the numbers 786 will appear! There is a thinking that the number 786 is a misread number as it has connection with the Vedic symbol.An astonishing fact is that 8786 is an aggregation of the numbers of Hindu Lord Hari Krishna.
I believe all these things come along because it is written.Written by the almighty for the connection with number 3.Its a very interesting fact that all these things are connected and all these have different aspectsconnected together from numerology to symbology.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Post #7- How to look at a problem and structure it to find the solution?

"(How to think about a problem?) The first step is to make problem specific; The second step is to form theories freely of how to rid yourself of that burden; The third step is to develop in foresight the consequences of your proposals; The fourth and final step in thinking is to compare the consequences of your proposals to see which is best in the light of your scheme of life as a whole; Whether you choose a vacation or a spouse,a party or a candidate,a cause to contribute or a creed to live by-Think!
-Brand Blanchard
The above said type of problem solving is the normal way of problem solving.It takes all the factors related to the problem as a set one to solve the problem.You just need to focus on the problem.But the problem solving using triangle takes into account the various  factors related to the problem.It takes into account the external factors which has influence on the result.The above theory focus on problem solving based on the situation you got in front.Problem solving based on Triangle is a way of generalising the problem solving method by focusing on the reasons.It can also be viewed as a method to obtain an objective also..The abov e said two types of solving are not related.They look at the problem from different perspectives.Its not possible to compare these 2 types of problem solving because the angle from which they look at a problem is entirely different.
The use of triangle helps in the first two steps of the problem solving immensely.Firstly it helps to specify the problem.At the same time it helps to structure it.Secondly it helps to form theories freely of how to rid yourself of that problem.As you are able to find the 3 reasons behind the problem you will be able to form theories related to your problem which is integral part of your solution.Thus keeping the solution finding process as simplified as it is with 3 ways.If e look at any problem,e So .You have to realise that while solving a problem the important thing is to specify and structure the problem.If that is done,the problem is half solved.Also this type of problem solving take into consideration the influence of universe on individuals,the problem and other things related to the problem.It adds design,aesthetics,positive energy, altogether different dimensions to the problem solving method.
Infact Mr.Brand Blanchard's problem solving method comes under one of the 3 basic reasons of the triangle method -the condition of non-physical  things related to the problem.It is a plan to solve the problem.So its a non-physical thing related to the problem.
The peculiar thing about solving the problem using triangle is that you need not have to look for alternative solutions as you are able to structurize the problem question well focusing on its basic reasonsIf you find the reasons,you just need to focus on it..So its kind of leaning down your traditional multi-optional ways into single option,ie the solution,easily.I think this way of problem solving is applicable to all problems,irrespective of its type and nature because 3 basic reasons can be linked to our actions in any field.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Post #6- The 3 Reasons

As we try to solve a problem by drawing a triangle around the dot which denotes our problem,we come to find three corner reasons.If we are able to find these 3 reasons,we could work on it and solve the problem.Just by observing we can find that physical things or materials are involved in any case,secondly we can see there is non-physical things in every case and finally energy flow because everything in the universe has a place of its own and is made up of they have connection with outer world through energy flow.
so the 3 reasons to be worked on to get solution are--
1) The physical things objects or surroundings related to the case.
- what ever be the physical matters or surroundings related to the problem,it must be usable accordingly to work and solve the problem
2) The non-physical things related to the case,especially mental condition of the person who try to solve the problem or people involved in the case..Also a plan involved in the case,a process can be there,a strategy can be there.Ideas related to the case also.
- the problem solver must be in a good state of mind to analyze and work on it.
3) The energy flow related to the case.
- Positive energy flow is needed to get the optimum results.If we look closely everything in this Universe is made up of energy.Energy is the building block of everything in this Universe.Energy exists in different forms in this Universe.

Now these 3 reasons represent the corners of the triangle.As we draw the diagonals from the corners to the dot at the centre,we can literally say that we found the reasons of our problem.As we work on these 3 reasons,we could be able to find the solution.