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Monday, July 7, 2014

Post #13- Importance of triangular design in building structures.

Uniqueness of Triangle shape is not just in 2D planes.It is a shape which provides immense strength,stability and also helps in reducing cost in 3D structures while building big structures.Triangle structures helps builders to reduce cost and provide strength to the whole structure.Let us look at the 2 factors,cost and strength.

1.      Cost – Use less material while still ensuring that the structure is strong and stable. since the triangle obviously has only 3 sides, it requires little material to make a support, thus minimizing the costs.

2.      Strength/Stability – Triangle structure not only support its own weight, but also withstand as much external force as it can. Because the triangle does not easily deform and is able to balance the stretching and compressive forces inside the structure.    

Overall, a triangle is the simplest geometric figure that will not change shape when the lengths of the sides are fixed. In comparison,both the angles and the lengths of a four-sided figure must be fixed for it to retain its shape.
There are good examples in which the triangular structure or the 3 way structure is used to build big buildings       because of these 2 factors.One of such example is Burj Khalifa in Dubai.In  addition  to  its  aesthetic                     and  functional  advantages,the  spiraling  “Y”  shaped plan was  utilized  to  shape the  structural  core  of  Burj  Khalifa. This  design  helps to reduce the  wind  forces  on  the  tower, as  well as  to  keep    the  structure  simple  and  foster constructability.To support  the  unprecedented  height  of  the building,  the engineers  developed  a  new  structural system  called  the  buttressed  core, which  consists  of  a  hexagonal  core  reinforced  by  three buttresses  that  form  the  ‘Y'  shape.  This  structural  system  enables the  building  to   support itself  laterally and  keeps   it   from  twisting. The  Y-shaped floor  plan  maximizes  views  of  the Arabian Gulf.

Another example  which  shows  high  stability  of   triangle  is  the  swing. The  structure  on  which  the  swing  is  built  is  usually  triangle  in  shape.Because it provides stability and can uphold the shake  and  movement  of   the  swing.

                                                            Burj Khalifa floor plan