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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Post #14- Energy flow and its role in our life.

Energy  flow   is  taken  as  the  3rd  factor  to  work  on  to  solve  our  problems. So  question  arises, what  is  energy?Is energy flow important!!?? Because we dont even see it in most cases.---But Science  shows  everything  is  made  up  of  energy. Even vaccum  is  not  empty. But  it  is filled  with  energy. Einstein said  matter  is  an  illusion. Energy  is the  building   block of matter. The  same  energy  that  composes  your  flesh   is the  same  one  that  composes  the  makings  of  an  ant  or the  trees  outside. We  are  all  made  up  of  same  stuff.Even our thoughts are a form of energy.It  is  constantly  flowing, changing  form  all  the time, permeating  everything. Everything  in  this  universe  is made  up  of  energy. It  is  just  present  in  different  forms  or  shapes. If  we  analyse  subatomic  level, scientists  have shown  us  through  quantum  physics  that  everything  at  this  level  is  pure  energy. Energy  adds  up  with  matter  to give  us  physical  world. Hence  humans  are  pure energy. Everything   in  this  universe  is  made  up  of  energy  including  ourselves. From  spiritual  point  of  view, we  are  deathless  souls  with  a physical  body- a  particle  of  the divine. So  what  we  do  all  our  life  is using  energy  and transform  to  another  form  in  whatever  thing  we  do. If  we  just  give  a  plain  look, we  are  mostly  dealing  with matter  or  physical  things. But all  that  is  energy  basically. Energy exists in different forms like Physical energy, Cosmic energy, Spiritual energy etc.We give importance to some energy flow methods like Vaastu, Feng Shui, Reiki, Tai Chi, Meditation etc in various aspects of life. These methods straighten the energy flow which is disrupted due to some reasons and give a positive change in our body,surroundings and life.Prayers are a form of energy.As the size of physical things in the case goes bigger,influence of the energy flow in the result becomes obvious.One can easily attain result without giving importance to energy flow by just giving importance to plain workable conditions of physical and non-physical things related to the problem.Physical and non-physical things are still workable without straightening energy flow related to it. But results will not be optimum without positive energy flow and also negative energy will prevail in problem solver's life,which is never good. Positive energy flow also helps to bring consistency because it brings in fresh mind and positive approach.We are part of the energy flow of the universe and because of that connection we should consider its effects that can affect our life.