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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pst #17 -- A bit more scientific aspect to what we have in hands so far

As we know, everything is energy. It is the fundamental aspect of everything in the universe. Success formula talked here until now was based on a action plan. So it was more of a practical based formula   Rather than scientific. So let's try to add more science to it. Let's try to see it only on energy level.

The 3 reasons on which an action can be worked to get result is based on practical aspects and things connected to it. We can be more scientific about it by talking only about energy.

So success can be attained by acting on various type of energy, namely physical energy, non-physical energy and cosmic energy.

1) the 3 reasons to be worked on to get a result on our actions are

1) physical energy

2) non-physical energy and

3) cosmic energy.

To be continued.....