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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Post #18 -- Role of Movement in our life

Today i have some crazy ideas going in my head. After continuous observation i have felt human lives, his practical and theoritical life or practical living, ideas, formulas, actions etc are all about movement of something. If its physical, it is the movement of physical things, if its about a theorom or formula also, its about movement from one point of it to another point, even if its writing a letter, its a movement from its starting point to end point, even if its our look at a thing, its a result of movement our eye balls, the movement of signals from eyes to brain, relatinal movement of view and eyes etc. Every thing in this universe is about movement. So i feel ultimately we can unify all sciences from a basic theory based on movement. May be the science is seeing it as energy and energy is also comprised of movement inside it.  Energy works when only its moved. So my observation says movement can define an all defining theory. Along with the basis of 3 and triangle we can make an all inclusive theory seeing it using movement, hopefully. Movement is one thing that can relate to both physical and non-physical world, sub-atomic and the matter levels. Movement is an aspect which unifies the whole world on any levels of manifestation. A thing or aspect we know is always connected with movement, either in its atomic level (which is not seen to naked eye) or on its matter level (movement seen outside which is seen to naked eye )  or with both movement.

To be continued.