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Friday, September 1, 2017


Albert Einstein says past, present and future exist at the same time. He says the distinction between them is an illusion. And his concept about time leaves one question then why a river is flowing continuously? It is not able to explain the flow of time. But look at this way, past, present and future are distinctive. It is only existing at the same time only to a conscious observer who sees energy as a stuck thing. But what if we consider energy is a vibrational thing or move forward or can be transformed one form to another, Past is the stage of energy in its previous form, present is the stage of energy in now form or future is the stage of energy in ahead form. This explains time is not an illusion. We can see past, present and future are different. But we can feel time only in present because conscious means present at now. So it is not wrong to say time is the stage of energy in relation to its surrounding or an observer.

If time is only about present as past and future are illusions as some observations say, then time must be a property of energy. Time is the stage of energy in relation with its surroundings or an observer. If in vacuum there is no energy existing then it is the property related to the observer which identifies that vacuum or time still exists there in relation with the energy around the vacuum. Previously i said time is the stage of matter as it grows or decays. It was only partially right as matter is only a property of energy. I also said TIME might be rhyth of force. We can identify that relation from the above said definition of TIME.

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