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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Post #45 Musings on GRAVITY.

Mr. Albert Einstein said distortion in SPACETIME causes gravity. He said light will bend around the edges of big things like planets, stars etc as planets, stars etc causes distortions in SPACETIME. It kind of hit against me the thought that how could a thing without MASS could affect the bending of light. That is what made me to think of gravity little deeper. I felt SPACETIME is not complete vacuum to cause that bending of light. So SPACETIME is not just SPACE and TIME at all. There is MASS in it to cause distortion to light. Where does this MASS come from ?  I feel it's from the projection of ENERGY related to the MASS of the object of both micro or macro objects. This aura like projection of ENERGY rooted from the core of the object is the FORCE acting as GRAVITY. So bending of light along the edges of objects is due to this outward projection of ENERGY resulted from its MASS and acting as a stable force as the MASS of that object is stable unless its affected. Here is my take on GRAVITY or my musings on GRAVITY. 

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