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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Post #41 My musings on Relativity.

Albert Einsteen's special theory of relativity, which suggested that space and time were not, as Newtonian physics had long assumed, absolute, but rather that space and time would themselves expand or contract relative to an observer's rate of motion.
So what I would like to ask is how much of this relative expansion and contraction is about the observer's mind condition which differs according to the motion?
Isn't the relativity talking here is about the mind of the observer than about space and time ? 

I feel like 
Relativity is about the comprehensive state of mind of the observer in motion or the observed thing in motion which undergoes a confusionary state when it faces an unusual situation of out of proportionate ratio of SPACE-TIME. The usual proportion of SPACE-TIME for him/her is when he/she or the object is at stationary or a motion range upto which he/she is able to comprehend SPACE-TIME as a combined state, after the range which the observer's mind happen to see SPACE-TIME in a split state. I feel Relativity is about brain and mind than SPACE-TIME and MOTION. 
What Mr. Einstein meant by expansion of SPACE and TIME is the explanation of TIME that is defined by my selves in the earlier posts in this website. As I had pointed out earlier that TIME is a property or constituent of Energy. The expansion of SPACE-TIME is the variation in energy FORMS involved in the respective EVENTS,  which I turn affects TIME as TIME is a property or constituent of ENERGY. 


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