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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Post #65 FORCE-ENERGY-MASS and it's appearance in subjects that we come across in our daily lives.

As we know FORCE-ENERGY-MASS or SPACE-TIME-TEMPERATURE exists everywhere, it is possible to see this trio in every thing we come across in our daily lives from a sub-atomic particle to the subjects we study to the daily work we do to even this giant Universe as whole. These 3 things are seen as in various manipulative forms which are possible for humans, plants, animals and non-living things to handle it according to their ability.


Monday, January 29, 2018

Post #64 Connection between EVENTS in PHYSICS and TEMPERATURE, along with its role in the formation of REALM and outcome of RESULTS of EVENTS.

Temperature is the thing which decides whether an event in PHYSICS terms, both in CLASSICAL PHYSICS and QUANTUM MECHANICS to have mindful or mindless impact. If we look at our own earth, it has seasons and it's primary factor associated with it is TEMPERATURE. This temperature factor has effect on every DEVICE on earth and it sets a particular energy level and frequency(chemical and physical properties related frequencies) levels. This energy and frequency levels has corresponding levels of results also or it clearly has an ability to give a corresponding level or range of result which is fixed according to constant energy value of the related DEVICE. So, these seasons on earth are repeated every year and thus we can see that almost all things on earth and its DEVICES repeat patterns on its sub-atomic, atomic and molecular levels. Unless a new element/elements or an element or group of elements enter, undergoes structure change or gets eliminated from the whole system of this, this pattern continues this repeating pattern forever or the unexpected changes in the expected pattern is the result of change in this set frequency or energy level. It's smooth and automatic running is the result of this set system which run according to the constant values of the energy and frequency of devices existing as of now.
Dear friends, to get more idea about this phenomenon, you can get details from my website


As we can see in E=MC2, TIME and TEMPERATURE are properties of ENERGY. SO, it's very clear that SPACE-TIME-TEMPERATURE can be written in the simplified terms of SPACE-ENERGY or SPACENERGY. 


I have stated here that there is FORCE-ENERGY-MASS in any point in the Universe except in absolute vacuum when we diagnose the Physical and Chemical properties of MATTER. I have also stated that the fabric of the Universe is SPACE-TIME-TEMPERATURE in my previous posts in this website. When we compare FORCE-ENERGY-MASS and SPACE-TIME-TEMPERATURE, we can see that both of the 3 factor unity is the same. Both of the 3 factor unity is the same. The difference is that FORCE-ENERGY-MASS is denotes the presence of creation and SPACE-TIME-TEMPERATURE is denoted in a general manner for saying it is Universal or it is the fabric of the Universe.

FORCE - - SPACE  (There is FORCE anywhere in UNIVERSE as FORCE is needed around VACUUM to hold VACUUM and there is FORCE  inside SPACE-ENERGY for obvious reasons.




Thursday, January 25, 2018


Mr. Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity according to my Theory of Force - -

Theory of Relativity of Mr. Einstein says everything is in motion in relation to one another and this causes some variations in the results derived from equations/formulas.

Theory of Relativity according to Theory of Force states that it is absolutely predictable variation when we look at things in terms of energy and force. Each object or thing possess various energy and the four fundamental forces or anyone of them or more, in nature acting upon these energies or objects in terms of respective events is the fundamental behind THEORY OF REALATIVITY.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Post #60 Phenomenon which acts against Universal Physics laws.

Phenomenon which act against Universal Physics Laws.

Post #59 Constituents of whole Universe, in matter/molecular levels, elementary level and sub-atomic level.

Percentage of Main element present in the Universe  - -
Percentage of sub-atomic level particles present in known Universe - -
Percentage of MATTER/MOLECULAR level things in the Whole or known Universe  - -

Percentage of low level frequency electricity flow existing in the Universe  - -
Percentage of mid level frequency electricity flow existing in the Universe - -
Percentage of high level frequency electricity flow existing in the Universe - - 

Post #58 What is a Device in terms of events in PHYSICS ?

A Device is anything contributing to the outcome of an event in both branches of Physics, QUANTUM MECHANICS or CLASSICAL PHYSICS. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Post #57 Temperature of VACUUM

There is temperature in Vacuum. It is not real temperature. It is assumable temperature. It can be any value to validate respective hypothesis. The real temperature of VACUUM is related to the inability of a device which fails to enter in it without diminishing the properties of VACUUM. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Post #56 Types of Devices in our Universe which helps to make events happen naturally or artificially

1) Biological beings - Devices which can manipulate information according to knowledge gained over their life.
2) Non-Biological beings - Devices which can give event results only according to pre-existing knowledge in its core or until a biological being influence its event.
3) Hybrid Beings  - Devices uses knowledge or flow of information from both Biological beings and Non-Biological beings to give event results.


Post #55 Is there 4D existing in a SPACE-TIME-TEMPERATURE realm?

Monday, January 15, 2018

Post #54 RATIO of ORDER of FORMATION (RATIO of flow of ENERGY varieties/variations to form various levels of MATTER) from SUB-ATOMIC particles to the most complex and advanced form of MATTER.

In my observation and study of various forms of MATTER and application of 3 forms of ENERGY, FORCE and MASS, I understood that there is a RATIO of ORDER of FORMATION from SUB-ATOMIC particles to the most complex and advanced form of MATTER or RATIO of flow of ENERGY varieties/variations  to form various levels or  of MATTER.



The contents in this website so far is enough to realize there is an ALGORITHM possible for any EVENT in CLASSICAL PHYSICS or QUANTUM MECHANICS. 

Post #52 Why Mr. Nikola Tesla thinks 3,6 and 9 will be the key to the Universe ?

Nikola Tesla was able to find that there are repeating patterns of 3,6 and 9 in every number when we add up. He also was able to find interesting geometric patterns also in relation to 3,6 and 9. Thus he had an intuitive doubt that is that just a co-incidence or is it the basis of the creation in nature. As I had already mentioned in my website here that 3,6 and 9 have connection with the fundamentals of sub-atomic, elemental and matter levels of realms or reality. I would say that 3 is acting as basic here. It is because the basis of creation and its flourishment is from energy, force and mass trio. And this unfolds the 3 D world. 6 and 9 are coming into this equation as the Value Added Derivatives which makes the elemental or atomic and the Matter states possible. I am sure this is the reason why Mr. Nikola Tesla was able to find connections in various geometrical pattern and similar synchronizing patterns in various physical forms of reality in 3D.

Thursday, January 4, 2018



Post #50 MASS and its role in events and realities

MASS is the CPU of anything in this Universe. It is like the deciding factor.  It depends on the MASS of the things the magnitude of the result of the event/realities. 

Post #49 ZERO to INFINITY using F, E & M manipulation.

If we look at the properties of matter, ie it's physical and chemical properties of matter, we can see that there is FORCE, ENERGY and MASS at any point in Universe except in absolute vacuum. Anyone could create any type of realities or events If these 3 factors are connected in 3 ways, ie F=MA(+2 derivatives) , E=MC2(+2 derivatives)  and M=D/V(+2 derivatives). Thus a closed structure with 9 corners is realized and when this structure starts working according to the element or any desired form of energy put in these 9 points, when could go from zero to infinity of anything. It is possible to get valuations in the negative spectrum also upto infinity in accordance with the ratio of F-E-M value proportions.