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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Post #49 ZERO to INFINITY using F, E & M manipulation.

If we look at the properties of matter, ie it's physical and chemical properties of matter, we can see that there is FORCE, ENERGY and MASS at any point in Universe except in absolute vacuum. Anyone could create any type of realities or events If these 3 factors are connected in 3 ways, ie F=MA(+2 derivatives) , E=MC2(+2 derivatives)  and M=D/V(+2 derivatives). Thus a closed structure with 9 corners is realized and when this structure starts working according to the element or any desired form of energy put in these 9 points, when could go from zero to infinity of anything. It is possible to get valuations in the negative spectrum also upto infinity in accordance with the ratio of F-E-M value proportions. 

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