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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Post #93 Gravity according to Theory of Relativity.

Will the spacetime curvature due to gravity of 578568 Kg mass of cotton ball and 578568 Kg mass of Iron ball the same according to Theory Of Relativity ?

Post #92 Information transfer rates and delays in happening of events to the observer.

 Its not that two events cant happen at two different places at the same time, be it in our lives or outer space. It is the delay in the information about the happening of the event reaches the other point bit late. I feel we will have different rates for this delay depending on the methods we adopt to grasp this information. This different rates can be seen across many things in the Universe, ranging from normal incidents in our lives in which we use various messenger things to inform like postal mail, email, radio, internet to galactic events which gives us information through light travelled from the event, heat, radio waves to events that can give us information where faster than light travelling of things happen which can act as messengers about the details of those events.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Post #91 Gravity in two types of SPACETIME fabric.

As gravity is curvature of SPACETIME according to Theory of Relativity, are the gravity of two bodies with same mass same, if one body of mass is in a 60 % Vacuum and other in a 30 % Vacuum ?

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Post #90 Gravity according to Theory of Relativity

According to Theory of Relativity, Are the gravity of two planet same, both with 5000 kilometer diameter, but one with a hollow core of 1000 kilometre ?