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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Post #100 More on Gravity

Albert Einstein said gravity bend light near stars. Today I said temperture has effect on gravity. What if temperature around stars made the spactime to expand and resulted in the bending of light near to stars ?

Post#99 Gravity in my view

I think in some cases gravity is about energy content, sometimes about mass and sometimes both.
I think temperature is the factor which decides if it's energy or mass.
Will a 5000 kg molten iron ball and 5000 kg iron ball at room temperature have the same gravity ?
Isn't the excited atoms capable of excited energy to give different gravity than non-excited atoms and it's gravity ?
Excited atoms pulls energy outwards to give effect of gravity more outwards than non-excited atoms where it shows gravity interns of its mass.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Post #98 Observer and existence of reality

An observer is not needed for reality to exist. An observer is just another possibility in the reality defined by space and time. An observer doesn't exist means reality with infinite possibility is existing with just another possibility or reality with observer in another state. If that observer is dead, then still reality exist as observer is present there in another state of energy giving another possibility of reality defined by a different spacetime. Only that observer as a full blown system cease to exist. But still the atoms of the observer's dead body is still conscious in its own rights and capabilities. Reality always exist, only possibilities ceast to exist inside it or differ as it has infinite permutations and combinations. This is my version.

Post #97 Version of realities

What if there is another superior life form on earth above humans with a better and advanced conciousness gives better version of reality ? Then the version of reality given by humans will be not be seen as an ultimate version of reality. Then why particles dont have conciousness in their own rights and capabilities and have their on version of reality ?