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Friday, September 25, 2009

Post #5- Number 3 and its divine connections

Triangle reprsents the number 3.So only there are more reasons other than the geometric application for the success formula.The number 3 has some inseparable relation with god.When divine blessings are with you,success can be your's,we beleive....isnt it?If "666" can be devil's number,is there any number with which god has some special connection?I think number 3 has some special connection with god.but i am not saying 3 is god's number because i read in a gospel that 6 is god's number.I am here citing some connections from six religions of which i am familiar with or living with.Jesus lived for 33 years,he taught us about trinity,he resurrected on the 3rd day.he has 12 1+2=3....then from hindu belief...."OHM",the symbol which we beleive, in which the whole harmony of the world exists is looking like the number 3(symological importance), ....Then Thrishool,the weapon of lord shiva has 3 upward pointing dents....Then from muslims,the sacred number 786.add each numer...we will get 21...2+1=3....then about pyramids of Pharaoh.they burried pharaohs inside pyramid with certain calculations in thier mind.pyramid itself has triangle on 4 sides..then they positioned the dead body in accordance with two stars in the sky.After the spirit leaves the body,it will travel through two oppositely poitioned small ways inside the pyramid and reach outside world and then reach the designated stars.They beleived their pharaoh's spirit can rule from those stars.look there is a triangle. if you join the stars and the dead dody.This also shows the strength of triangle as a geometric shape.Thats the power of three.if we look other religions also we can find the importance of three which is spiralled with divinity.some of them are cited below.Then my friend also said,3 is considered a complete number."
Many world religions contain triple deities or concepts of trinity, including:

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